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OakPort Media Group (OPMG) is a marketing company that leverages our ideas and content in a powerful mix of marketing and business processes that drive business results in the “Neighbourhood Economy.”

About OPMG

We provide leading digital communication products coupled with experienced marketing professionals, experienced team.

OPMG offers small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and selected “World Class” companies personalized marketing solutions comprised of unique marketing tools in digital and traditional formats, including; social media management, search engine solutions, and proprietary products and properties.

Space Marketing

Real Estate Marketing packages at affordable prices in one place. We keep it simple.

OPMG Events

100% of the revenue is earned through planning and execution. Therefore, we do for ourselves what we would do for you… Drive Results, innovative Ideas and Recurring Revenue.

National Holidays

Targeted Days are a powerful marketing tool that provide promotional opportunities to drive brand awareness and sales.

Agency Clients

Integrated Clients. We are an integral part of their business.

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